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I am a Jill of all trades , SAHM and lover of all crafts. I think my middle name is Creating :) Each day I try to invision some new detail or put together some stiches I have never done before for a new look. I can`t wait to see what tomorrow will bring . Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how I am doing.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

crochet Princess Hat

This is my niece Emily in her princess hat .  This is my very own first pattern that I came up with !  I was so fed up with trying to read a pattern, I grabbed a hook and some yarn and told myself That I was going t to create something ..Strange how a power in me just took over and told my head what to do next, where to add stitches and where to decrease . Ever since that day , I now find it easy to just look at a  child and see a pattern in my head .

I am now able to read some patterns but find myself changing it along the way and follow what my head tells me to do with great results every time .


  1. I love this one. What a great design and what talent you have.

  2. Thank you !... I am going to try and write the pattern next time I make another .

  3. lol my mom did the same thing with her crocheting. She was so uninspired by the patterns out there that she just started playing and found she had more fun not having to stay on a pattern.
    Oh by the way I am lastpythoness from etsy, my shop is Metallic Visions.