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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mary Jane Slippers

cream w/ gold metallic shine and a blk and gold buttons
These show the optional row at the top that I prefer .
I have thought of making ballerina slippers from this pattern by omitting the button and adding long straps . 

I made these Mary Jane's`s for my niece
Black with a metallic shine and a black /gold button

 size 9 months( 4 1/2 inches)

Skill Level - Easy

HDC - Half Double Crochet
FHDC - Foundation Half Double Crochet
DC- double crochet
slip stitch

Materials needed
Size G  4mm crochet hook
fine yarn(2) - I used Lion Brand - Vanna`s glamour in black w/a beautiful Shiny metallic )
Needle(tapestry for sewing)
2 Buttons for Strap Closure

Sole and Sides
Round 1: Side 1- Make 12 foundation half double crochet.(Work a chain of  13 if you prefer to use a chain stitch instead) . Work 4 Double Crochet in**4th chain stich . - Work 1 HDC in each of the next 8 stitches. Work 4 DC in the last stitch. Join with the beginning stitch(slip stitch ). (26 Total)

Round 2: (Increase Section) (This next section has increase stitches to form the rounded shaping of the slipper) 2 DC in the 1st ST, 1DC in the next St, 2DC in the next ST, 1 DC in the next ST, 1HDC in the next ST 8 St's, (Increase Section) 2 HDC in the next ST, 1 HDC in the next ST, 2 HDC in the next ST, 1 HDC in the next 8 Stitches, join with slip stitch

from this point work in Back Stitch
Round 3-4-5  : Ch 2, turn, this chain will count as a stitch.  Work 1 DC in each stitch around.

Toe Top
Find the center of the slipper. Count back 7 stitches and attach the yarn. CH 2. There are going to be a lot of stitches on the hook for the toe top. Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert through the next stitch,pull thru last thread that's s on the hook and leave the rest of  loops on the hook. Do this13 times total. Wrap the yarn over the hook and pull through all the loops being careful not to drop any of the loops off of the hook. Adjust the final loop for a tight closure. Chain it to secure it . Cut a  8 inch tail, pull the yarn through the chain. Sew the tail through the stitches a couple of times to make sure the stitches are nice and tight . Knot it  and sew in your tail.

Skip 2 stitches  and Attach the yarn to the 3rd stitch. Ch 2,  (16 DC.) There will be 2 stitches on each side left unworked .

( This is optional - chain 2 . turn and work a HDC in each of the previous DC  (16 stitches ) )

Work 7 Foundation Half Double Crochet to make the strap. The first FHDC will be worked in the same stitch as the last DC. NOTE: Attach the yarn to the opposite side for the second slipper so you have a closure on each side ( 1 you attach to the left and the other shoe you attach -start to the right ) .
Button Loop
Chain 6 0r more depending on the size button you are using for the closure. Join with the opposite end of the Double Crochet. Cut the yarn and sew in the tail.

Sew on your button  and you are done :)

** correction on 1/04/2010


  1. I love these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your welcome ..If you decide to make them be sure to let me know how they turn out .

  3. These are totally darling , so cute.

  4. I saw you post these on Crochetville and just had to have the pattern. Thank you so much! I'm going to try these right now!

  5. Let me know how they turn out :)